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If you have high blood pressure, you are in the right place my friends.

As a specialist nurse, I have 13 years' worth of experience working with people with high blood pressure and I've seen how much damage it can do when not properly controlled.  I have learned what works to help reduce high blood pressure and I know this information can be life-changing for people.

Not only am I an experienced nurse with a first class degree, I also have a Masters in Clinical Research, a Business Degree and a Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Practice Education. 

Put this all together and you have someone able to effectively communicate life changing (and life saving) clinically accurate information in a way that is meaningful. 

I know that sounds a bit braggy but I want you to trust that you are in safe hands here.

So, if you're an individual looking to improve your BP, check out the 'Kickstart Your Blood Pressure Health' workbook here.

If you're a business looking for bespoke employee training on health, lifestyle & wellbeing, please fill in your details here

Thank you!

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