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'Kickstart Your Blood Pressure Health' Workbook

If you have high blood pressure and want a gentle, informative resource to help you on your way to achieving better BP readings, this is the workbook for you! 


Developed by me, a nurse with 15 years' experience of supporting people with high blood pressure, this workbook not only gives tips on how to manage blood pressure, it also focuses on how to start to break those bad habits that contribute to high blood pressure in the first place.


Stuffed with exercises to complete, heaps of information, eye opening motivations and videos to watch or listen to, there is plenty for you to get your teeth into. 


What's more, there are even two guest appearances from experts in the fitness and nutrition fields who provide their insights into how to become more active and how to motivate yourself to better diet.


So if you are serious about living a healthier and more mindful life which will look after your blood pressure, check out this workbook to kickstart you to better health and better blood pressure. 

This unique resource is currently on offer at JUST $4.99! But it's only for a limited time only, so grab yourself a copy whilst it's still at this price. 

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